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Therizinosaurus:  Therizinosaurus was truly a bizarre dinosaur.  It evolved from meat-eating dinosaurs, but became specialized for eating plants.  It had a huge stomach for hold plant material as it digested.  It had a long neck and a small head, and large arms with gigantic claws.  Paleontologists think the claws (which could be over a foot in length) were used to defend against predators.  Slow moving Therizinosaurus could not run away from predators, so it must have stood its ground and lashed out with its clawed hands.  Therizinosaurus lived in Asia during the Late Cretaceous, although relatives have been found in North America as well.

Length:  39 feet long.

Height:  20 feet tall.

Weight:  5 tons.

Time it lived:  Cretaceous Period 70-80 million years ago.

Fossils found in: Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

Diet:  Shrubs, foliage, tree bark and other plant matter.

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